Emanuel’s Child Development Center in Catonsville, MD is a place of learning and growth. Our talented teachers work to not only help your child develop a well-rounded education, but are here to support families as well. We focus on your child’s social, spiritual and educational growth through a Christian based curriculum. Our center is a positive environment where your child’s successes are celebrated and that’s where our focus is. Using a Montessori approach, your child can learn and develop skills and interests at their own pace.

Our Learning Philosophy

The team of teachers at Emanuel’s Child Development Center are constantly looking for new ways to help your child develop a love for learning. We create learning stations to help your child learn their letters, name recognition, colors, shapes and more. We believe strongly in the power of free play as well, where your child learns social interaction and can use their active imagination with other members of the class. Incorporating prayer at all meals, celebrating Christian holidays and teaching your child basic morals, will help them grow spiritually as well. Our classrooms focus on new themes each week and that theme is incorporated in all the lessons using the Montessori philosophy and curriculum.

Mixed Ages Twos & Threes Classroom

There are many facets to learning for toddlers. They are active and so are their imaginations. Our toddler classroom is set up to help your toddler thrive in their environment. Here are some of the focuses that we have available to your toddler.
• Active & Gross Motor Play
• Imagination & Quiet Play
• Fine Motor Focus & Manipulatives
• Language Development
• Music & Movement
• Artistic & Creative Centers

Preschool Classroom

Our preschool classroom at Emanuel’s Child Development Center is for children ages 3-5. We focus on getting them prepared for kindergarten at this age in a positive environment that will focus on achievements. Our teachers encourage your child to try new skills and create a place where your child feels gently challenged to grow and develop. Some of our focuses include:
• Reading & Communication Skills- We work with your child to develop their communication skills and love for the written word through books and learning valuable listening skills.
• Social Interaction- At this age, children are starting to find joy in social interactions and we help them navigate these learning experiences while teaching them to play well with their peers.
• Music & Movement- Physical activity is important at our center as well as the joy found in music.
• Writing Exploration- At this age, we help your child recognize and start writing their name. We also help them will letter recognition.
• Sensory Activities- We create an environment for children to improve their fine motor skills and use their creativity with a variety of sensory activities.
• Science & Discovery- Through experiments and exploration activities, we help your child find wonder in the world around them and how it works.
• Math Learning- As we help your child explore the world of numbers, they will learn number recognition and problem solving techniques.

Our focus at Emanuel’s Child Development Center is your child. We are constantly working to create a positive, safe environment full of learning and growth for your child. Call us today!

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